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Linda has loved photography most of her life . . . this love being passed on by her parents who loved to go "Kodaking" when they were younger! They would dress up and go with their friends to different places where they would take some really fun photos. These photos have been a special blessing and a real influence on Linda's life and instilled a love for photos from a very early age.

Linda loves to do on-site photography . . . weddings or special events.

This is a photo of Linda and her grandmother. Linda's photo was improved and cropped so that it became a close up photo of her. This photo was restored by a friend of Linda's who also trained her to do photo restoration.

Click below to see a few examples of photos which Linda has restored

Precious Memories by Linda Moore

Along with Linda's love for photography, she also has a love for genealogy. Linda is able to produce a hard cover book with your favorite photos & memories, do a video interview that can be shared with your family members and take special photos of you and your family. One of Linda's favorite sayings is "Yesterday's Memories are Tomorrow's Treasures".

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